Research & Scholarship Committee


The Research & Scholarship Committee:

  • Provides oversight and guidance and proposes mechanisms to improve the research activities and reputation of the College
  • Provides oversight for department journal lists, including reviewing and approving updates

One tenured/tenure-track faculty representative from each academic department is appointed to this committee by the Dean. Committee members serve two-year staggered terms, and members may be reappointed to second two-year term. The committee chair is elected by committee members.

Past Participants

2018-2019 Members

  • Mike Price (EFLS)
  • Nancy Siriani (MKT)
  • Steve Buchheit (AC)
  • Volodymyr Melnykov (ISM)
  • Russell Matthews (MGT)
  • Jim Cochran (Dean’s Office) ex officio

2017-2018 Members

  • Anup Agrawal (EFLS – fall semester)
  • Tom Baker (MKT)
  • Steve Buchheit (ACCT)
  • Burcu Keskin (ISM)
  • Daniel J. Henderson (EFLS – spring semester)
  • Russell Matthews (MGT)
  • Jim Cochran (Dean’s Office) ex officio